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E-Pao! Baby Names is upgraded to e-Ming. What started out as a small project as a reply to many requests to list Manipuri names has translated itself into a passion and a whole new version has been developed. Hope you like it.

e-Ming is meant to be used as a helper tool for expectant parents to search for their elusive "Manipuri" baby names... Be it just the simple and common "Tomba/Chaoba/Homba" to the archaic "Piyainu"! And it'll be you - the name contributors - who will be helping these parents choose a name.
This 'Baby database' is searchable. Please use the links provided on the left.

The database, of course, is still in its "infancy" stage. Please do contribute to the names. We would wish names of all communities of Manipur can be listed here. If you already have a name in mind and is not found here, please do update us so that we can expand the database.

We are looking forward to your involvement and contribution to complete the list. Please do not hesitate to inform us about the meaning and even rate the names. For your browsing pleasure, we have organised several 'Browse by' categories (see left panel).

There also is a display of the top rated names and most rated names. Remember, all these ratings are given by you. We urge you to help us create a more extensive Database by sending us names which do not appear in the list below. Or correction in the names spelling or the gender or whatever...

Please write to feedback@e-pao.net with a subject line of "Suggested Baby Names".

Or just use this handy form by clicking here.